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CamaroChris 06-10-2011 12:29 AM

1986 suburban needs tunes
I have a 1986 suburban that I am doing all new upholstery in and I need advice for some audio. now I don't want flashy, or bulky. I want amazing sound with a sleek factory appearance. I'm going to build a box to fit in the spare tire area for the subwoofer. I sleep in there on camping trips and need to still fit my air mattress. also this is going to be the main source for noise on our camping trips so It has to be LOUD so we can get the lady's dancing :) any way I'm going with alpine speakers/amp and JL 12w3. my question is where do I put them? and how many 6.5's should I get. do I put them in the bottom of the doors? maybe 2 per door and a set in the back? I'm going to use a a flip down type dvd player so while i'm laying in the back or the people in the back can watch movies so I need sound in the back aswell. maybe some one can give me some info or opinions on what to do or expect. maybe some pictures? Thanks guys.

4ofakind 06-10-2011 11:20 AM

Re: 1986 suburban needs tunes
First thing you would want is to research your electrical system. You may need to upgrade to dual battery. One will be to start your truck only. The other will be power for your alarm, stereo, and other accessories. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of nowhere with a dead truck and the ladies giving you the evil eye.


tubbedII 06-10-2011 12:24 PM

Re: 1986 suburban needs tunes
Are you more concerned with the tunes when in "party" mode, or in driving mode?

I ask that question because to have an "amazing" sounding stereo when you're driving, you'll need the best speakers up front and not much coming from the rear to get the correct sound stage. It doesn't matter too much where you put the sub, so anywhere you have the room is good which is usually in the rear.

I would think you'll have the rear open when in party mode though, especially with the drop down monitor. I'd build "two systems"...what I mean by this is build the regular driving system with a good set of 6.5s/components in the front, a set of 6.5's in the front part of the rear and sub. Then also buy another amp and maybe a set of 6x9's that mount facing outside when the rear is open and instead of having the remote wire hooked up to the stereo, hook it up to a switch so when you're in "party" mode, the 6x9's play to outside as well as all the other speakers inside.

CamaroChris 06-11-2011 06:09 AM

Re: 1986 suburban needs tunes
4ofakind: I have thought a lot about battery power, I am going to go with 2 battery's for sure. I am going to have a few off road lights and stuff like that. What I am having a problem finding is info on how to hook both of the batterys up. does anyone have any info on how to do this? with my luck I'll do it wrong and drain both of them LOL also, do I use one regular truck battery and one deep cycle? or two deep cycle's? my truck is getting a 6.0l with a 160 amp Alt.

tubbedII: since this will be the long haul vehicle I want it to sound great while driving as well as wen all the doors are open, I have a ls1 camaro that I put two sets of the alpine type S 6.5s and the alpine V60 5 channel amp and I love it. this is what components I will use for the 'burb. I have thought about taking the boat style speaker en-closers and making them hook to my roof rack. what do you think about that? but mainly I want it sounding good while I'm driving around. I want it all factory looking as I can. any other thoughts where I should place all my speakers.

4ofakind 06-11-2011 11:25 AM

Re: 1986 suburban needs tunes
Chris Google battery isolator.

You need a 4 post battery isolator rated @ 200 amps. A battery isolator is just as the name says. No two polarities on a battery are equal and if you connected them directly together the difference will cause them to drain each other when your truck is not running. The isolator keeps the batteries seperated when your truck is not running. When your truck is running and your alternator is spinning it connects the two batteries so they can charge together. A 200 amp isolator will allow up to 200 amps to flow to the two batteries so you have headroom for your 160 amp alt.
Two posts are for the positive posts of each batt. One to one batt. The other to the other batt. One post is for the ground connection. Don't connect it to the neg posts of the batts. Connect it to a ground point on the truck. The last post is for your ignition switch so the batteries are charged when the truck is on and seperated when the truck is off.


tubbedII 06-11-2011 12:05 PM

Re: 1986 suburban needs tunes
I have the same alpines in my s10. They are a good speaker for the price. I'd put a set in each door and look for a stealth box for the sub to keep that stock look. It should sound good with just that driving, but you'd have to open all the doors to hear it cleanly outside. I'd also just put a set 6x9s in the tail gate/barn doors like mentioned earlier. You'd want the rear facing the party since you'd have all the doors open. Putting the speakers in the rear would be cleaner than on top imo.
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CamaroChris 06-16-2011 02:59 AM

Re: 1986 suburban needs tunes
Buy set you mean one or 2 speakers? I'm assuming just one right

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