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Livrat 04-26-2020 09:25 PM

Various part number list
I thought I would share the list of various 67-72 Chevy truck part numbers I've collected over the years.

Spicer Dana 60 inner wheel seal:
SKF #23844
BCA #455860
BRG #br18620
NOS #23814 (NAPA)

BCA 2081

DANA ¾ ton 60 rear brake shoes:
Raybestos: #248PG
Bendix: #R248r -11 5/32 X 2 ¾
Raybestos: # 123PG -12 X 2

Dana 60 ¾ ton rear drums:
KELSEY-HAYES Part # AD8401 12" X 2 1/2"
WAGNER Part # BD60305 11-5/32 x 2-3/4

Dana 60 ¾ ton wheel cylinders:
Raybestos:#WC37040 (L)
Raybestos: #WC37039 (R)
1- 1/8 RR coil spring
Raybestos: #WC34474 (L)
Raybestos” #WC34475 (R)
“Leaf Spring”

Dana 60 axle stub Speedi sleeve
BCA # 99187
Napa# 99187
1.872X1.878 X563

Blazer V8 lower radiator hose:
Goodyear: #L60751 molded 1 3/4X23”

Front suspension 2WD
Spicer service grade (red Box)
Idler Arm: 34501081B
Pitman: #4451004B
Tie rod: inner #4022083B
Tie rod outer: #4011095B
Adjuster sleeve: #4251004B

71-72 1/2 ton Ball joints.. upper:
Spicer #5051021B
RAYBESTOS Part # 5001022B
AC Delco Number #45D0070 {#88911441}
MOOG Part # K8194 use K8194T (4X4)
TRW Part # 10263
MOOG Part # K6124

71-72 1/2 ton Ball joints.. lower:
Spicer service grade #5001022B –
MOOG Part # K8195 use K8195T (4X4)
General Motors # 8891151
AC Delco Number # 45D202
AC Delco Number # 45D2156 {#88911649} (4X4)
McQuay Norris # FA 1014
Perfect Circle # 260-1130
MOOG # K6117T
RAYBESTOS Part # 5051021OSB

71/72 1/2 ton Control shafts upper: #5951138B –$12.57
TRW Part # 13167A
MOOG Part # K6098
RAYBESTOS Part # 5951003

Control Shaft lower: #5951017B
MOOG Part # K6147
RAYBESTOS Part # 5951017
ACDELCO Part # 45J0017

Idler Arm
ACDELCO Part # 45C1081
RAYBESTOS Part # 4501081
MOOG Part # K6096T

71-72 1/2 ton Tie rod ends, inner
TRW Part # ES403L
RAYBESTOS Part # 4011083B
MOOG Part # ES403L
ACDELCO Part # 45A0083

71-72 1/2 ton..Tie rod ends, outer
RAYBESTOS Part # 4011095B
TRW Part # ES415R
MOOG Part # ES415RL
ACDELCO Part # 45A0095
MOOG ES375L (4X4)
MOOG ES375R (4X4)

Precision 232=1350 greaseable
Precision 331=1350
Precision 280=1310
Precision 369=1310
Spicer 5-160X = 1410

U-joint conversions:

1310 to 1350
Spicer: #5-460X
Neapco: #3-3150
1330 to 1350
Spicer: #5-134X
Neapco: #1-0134

1310 to S44/3R
Spicer: #5-3022X
Neapco: #3-3130

1350 to 1410
Neapco: #11-501410

1310 (also 297X): The 1310 is a 1/2 ton u-joint used in driveshafts for many Jeep applications and is retained via external snap rings; the ones that slightly resemble a pretzel. The 297X u-joint is effectively the same size but with internal snap rings used for steering knuckle joints on most Dana 44 and Corporate 10 bolt front axles.

1330: This is a 3/4 ton driveshaft u-joint most often found at the pinion yoke going into Dana 60 front or rear axles. The 1330 shares the same cap size as the 1310 but with a larger cross.

1350: Most 1 ton trucks of yester-year used these joints in their driveshafts but could be found in 3/4 ton and 1/2 tons occasionally. Note the cross is the same size as the 1330 to its left but the bearing caps, and therefore the trunions that they pivot on are larger, i.e. more strength.

1410: In recent years, the Super Duty line from Ford, and Chevy and Dodge H.D. series are using even beefier joints in their driveshafts. The 1410 can be considered a 1.25 ton joint and is appropriate when behind the torque monster diesel engines from the Big Three.

1480: This joint is most commonly a steering knuckle joint rather than a driveshaft u-joint and resides inside the knuckles of Dana 60 and 70 front axles. In a driveshaft application, it could be considered as a 2 ton joint. Keep in mind that a steering knuckle joint sees 3-5 times as much torque as the driveshaft joints strictly from the ring and pinion reduction. It is further multiplied by having the steering turned to anything other than straight.
297X vs 760X: Spicer phased out the old reliable 297X u-joint and replace it with the new 760X.. These joints are an updated design and have a cold-forged cross which has repeatedly been shown to be much stronger than the 297's hot-forged cross, with a much longer fatigue life. This should help to further put the brakes on broken u-joints.

71/72 1/2 ton Aluminum Master cyl that works cool
Raybestos # MC39178
AC Delco # 18M118
Cardone #131860

Shocks for lowered trucks
Monroe #37187.
Monroe #33033 front?

6 Cyl AC Brackets

Speed minder Buzzer

Truck tach part numbers

6 Cyl


12 Bolt pinion seal
SKF 17190
National 8460N

Butt non inslulated
#5046 10-12Ga
#5044 18-22Ga
#5045 14-16Ga

Ring terminal
#5009 10-12Ga w5/16 stud

PACKARD 56 Female
18651 14-16Ga 5/16 blade
18690 12Ga

#17002 10-12Ga
#15956 14-16Ga

HEI Connectors (American autowire)
Hei.. #50024
Tach #500205

Big block PS hose (between resovoir and pump body)
The 34999# CarQuest.

Gates has it available in a 10' section or a 3' section.

P/N: for 10' is 34990
P/N: for 3' is 362100

Rock Auto has the 3' section 362100 in stock

Napa number NPS 73306

3/8 X 25’ steel fuel tubing
NAPA #641-4003

Door power window conduit/boot
#15650145 GM part number

Fuel tank gauge strainer/sock
#5651705 5/16”
#5651702 3/8”


Blazer fuel sender
AC 6428270 307 V8
AC 6428271 350 V8
AC 6429115 72 Burb 350/402 (has return line fitting)

Windshield rubber
Prescision 67-70 (deep chrome) WCR685
71-72 (shallow chrome) WCR685A
67-70 (Black) WBL685
Soffseal 67-70 (deep chrome) 9032
71-72 (shallow chrome) 9033
Rear window rubber
No chrome MRWBL D1092 T-RR
With chrome MRWCR 1092T-RR

Factory Aux tank fuel sender
#6428850 AC Delco

HEI Tachometer connector
GM #8917052
Power and tach
GM #12167658

Mini starter bolts for early blocks
3/8x15- 10mmx1.5
GM #12338064 long
GM #14037733 short
Dorman 678-107 long
Dorman 678-109

Axle Codes
RHA= 1972 3:07.1
RHC= 1971 3:73.1
THC = 1971 3:73.1

72 truck

Left hood hinge #3911705
Right hood hinge #3911706
Left rocker panel #3944881
Right rocker panel #3944882
Inner grille #3990700
Outer grille #3990701
Tailgate handle #15569031
Firewall pushrod boot #3759198
Rear parking brake cable #3881386
6 cyl. thermo housing #352705
2wd SB fan shroud no A/C #3889079
2wd SB fan shroud w/A/C #3901443
Left outer door handle #3927895
Headlamp switch #1995179
Grille emblem #3995773
TH400 kickdown switch #1242101
Big block frame bracket (engine cups) #334601
Big block motor mount #3962748
Heater control assembly w/A/C #1222890
Blower switch w/A/C #3857992
Air distribution duct #3891276
water valve w/A/C #3984641
Blower relay high speed #12339254
A/C reciever assembly #3046236
Lock shoe 4 position w/tilt wheel #7813068
Shoe release pin- column #9422127
Gas pedal pad #3920296
Ign. switch #12356033
Ft side lamp w/chrome #911310
Rear side lamp w/chrome #911311
Ft side lamp w/o chrome #915108
Rear side lamp w/o chrome #915119
stop lamp switch #1261219
Dome lamp assembly #2973210
Left tail lamp bezel #3944795
Right tail lamp bezel #3944796
Left headlamp bezel #3990705
Right headlamp bezel #3990706
Tail lamp step side
Left backup lamp fleetside #5961257
Backup lamp stepside #5961260
Cargo lamp lense #5961500
Left park lense #5964453
upper molding clips #3917954
Rear axle shaft #14071750
Door weatherstrip Left #3951813
Windshield washer pump #4919332
Rear wheel tub- #3882513 ( no longer available through GM)
Temperature gauge- #6489838
Additional- 1970 truck

Fuel neck seal #3886792
Gas pedal pad #3864740
park lens #5961816
Power brake firewall boot

71 ½ ton rear brake hose
Dorman BH36683,H36683,H36684 (18”)
Wagner BH79338
AC Delco 181J800

Big Block Radiator hose
Lower… Gates 20610
DAYCO Part # 70664
GOODYEAR Part # 60752
Upper… Gates 20686
GOODYEAR Part # 52425
DAYCO Part # 70392

BB By Pass hose
Gates 20618

Small Block radiator hose
lower ..Gates 20694
Upper…Gates 20686

1972 Front disc brake hoses 2WD
DORMAN Part # H380713 left
DORMAN Part # H380712 Right

67-72 C40/50/60 grill hoops
Aluminum #3893472 (old #3892019)

Console bumpers
gm #4668145

AC parts info:
AC Suction and Discharge hose ($95.00 P/N 138514 at
AC Expansion valve to drier hose ($21.95 P/N 273623 at
Replace ALL the o-rings in the system ($4.65 P/N CP3011 at
expansion valve. ($16.50 P/N 38652 at RockAuto)
Flush the compressor with R134a compatible oil. ($28.69 for 1/2 gallon P/N 41-50062-64 at

O-ring/thread sealer ($9.49 P/N RT201B at
New receiver/dryer ($9.64 P/N 33215 at RockAuto)

Wiper Blade Refills
ANCO part number U-15R
TRICO 44-150
NAPA.. accufit #WIP601502
Premium.. #WIP601541

C10 12 Bolt rear axle bearing
NAPA part # PR1559TV

C10 12 bolt outer axle seal
NAPA part # NOS 16404

C10 inner rotor seal
NAPA part # NOS 24898

Saginaw steering box input shaft seal
Gates 351310

rally wheel codes chevy truck

15x6 BN
15 X 6.5 CD, XT, DAS
15 X 7 BC, BL, CF, DA
15 X 8 BK, BM, CK, XAJ

Non tilt Turn signal switch
AC Delco #D6216

57taskforce 04-26-2020 10:41 PM

Re: Various part number list
Thanks Livrat good to see you on here! This is an excellent resource, thanks for sharing your resources with us yet again! I think this should be added to the faq index, anyone else agree?

special-K 04-26-2020 11:06 PM

Re: Various part number list
^^^ My second thought, FAQs! First thought was good to see Livrat's name here.

too much stuff 04-26-2020 11:17 PM

Re: Various part number list
Great info mark! Good to see you posting.

Livrat 04-27-2020 10:33 AM

Re: Various part number list
Gee guys its heartwarming to know that I'm missed.

I will admit that even though I no longer have any GM trucks or parts I still visit here daily to check in on my truck family, I just do not have much to post.

Feel free to revise, edit, move, print or anything you wish with the list.

Ol Blue K20 04-27-2020 10:54 AM

Re: Various part number list
Thanks for taking the time to type that up and post it. It's going to help a lot of people!

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