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drink2mny 11-28-2004 04:35 AM

How about some pics of "4x4" Blazers, Jimmy's & Burbs?
Post your Blazers here. Projects, daily drivers. What ever you are doing with one. Come and show it..

todds3535 11-28-2004 10:03 PM

How about some pics of 2wd Blazers, Jimmy's & Burbs?
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I bought this 87' about 6 months ago for $800 :lol:

Haven't really done anything to it yet because I wanted to go over the whole thing first. I peeled back the carpet and discovered the floor in front of the tailgate is gone from rust. And the tailgate is sealed shut. :rolleyes:

But for what I spent on it and after a complete tuneup the damn thing runs like a top. The oil spots are from an old truck I used to have.

Future plans include 4" rough country springs in the front and an ORD 4' shackle flip in the rear. Some new tires 33's or 35's.

todds3535 11-28-2004 10:08 PM

I meant 4" shackle flip, not 4'. :crazy:

todds3535 11-29-2004 01:13 AM

Brake light
Hey Bagged, very nice. By the way, is that top picture (blue Blazer) the one with the third brake light in the tailgate handle? If so, that is the best idea I've seen in a while. :metal:

I'd like to do something like that before I paint mine.

bagged74 11-29-2004 09:38 AM

yes, that is the one with the third brake light in the tailgate. It is pretty easy to do, the hole is pretty big after you remove the handle.

Tink 11-30-2004 09:24 AM

Here is mine... she is a 1976 Cheyenne model with Dana 44 front, GM 12 bolt rear, THM350, unadulterated NP203 fulltime 4wd, and a Jasper rebuilt 350 all turning 33x13.50 Super Swampers with no lift.

Please excuse my driveway that has been overtaken by the lawn!

jays68yak 12-02-2004 02:30 AM

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My Cheapo Blazer
Blazer no motor, no tranny, no tcase -$100
Sold parts that didnt go with it +$200
Bought a 79 Truck for the motor -$300
Sold parts that I didnt want +$100
Bought a 88 Firebird for the FI -$50
Sold parts that i didnt want +$200
Bought tranny and tcase off of friend -$200

total so far -$150

useRc10 12-03-2004 01:41 AM

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hmmm...maybe i've posted in all the threads now...

drink2mny 12-04-2004 07:23 PM

Man I moderate this section and didn't even add mine yet :banghead:

EDIT: She is For Sale... Link In Signature Below

So here goes
She's an '86
355 waiting for a 476 to be built
1 ton running gear D60 with powerloc 14b with detroit both 4.10's
208 waiting to put in a 205
36 tsl sx's looking for a deal on 38's (usually borrow)
Crossover steering
rear disc brakes
rear flipped shakle
6 1/2 susp with a 2in body

And a lot of foot :burnout:

todds3535 12-04-2004 07:53 PM

Cool Blazer, drink2mny. I can get a general idea of what mine will look like before I lift it. I'm only going 4" w\ 33's though. Seems that red & white paint scheme was very popular for them. I've seen quite a few.

Gregsmx 12-28-2004 01:19 AM

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Close to finishing a 2 year custom restoration:

longhorn71 12-31-2004 12:48 AM

here is ours.It is a 81 2wd blazer.It should be in paint by early febuary if me and mybetter half can decide on what color to do it in!!! :bowtie: :D

boz42 01-01-2005 06:52 PM

here are mine

sold this 88 about 4 months ago, i miss it. 6" lift w/ 38 tsl's

here is my 75 trail rig project. 540 ci caddy engine, t-400 w/ doubler 4" lift w/ 52" frt springs & 56" rear springs. 60f & 70hd rear 5.13 gears & detriots. tube bumpers, full cage corbaeu seats.

drink2mny 01-01-2005 08:42 PM

Hey boz42, saw the flex pic in your profile.
Very nice!

thegame55974 01-08-2005 11:04 AM

Picked this one up last night for $1750. Used to own it back in 2000 when it still was a Blazer. Kind of like an old friend coming home. Haven't stopped smiling yet. Needs the 38" Boggers back on though. :metal:

kevinr1970 01-08-2005 01:16 PM

thegame, whats the story on the back window? How do you have it sealed off?
I am supposed to be getting one of those cab sealers made be Creative Products from a guy locally but its been a phone tag/time issue thing trying to get it. The way he had it set up was he made his own "bulk-head" using plywood and 2x4's instead of buying the one they offered. I can make one through work as we have full fabrication facilities, but would like some ideas of going about it.

thegame55974 01-08-2005 03:16 PM

I hope you can see these pictures. My camera is really getting bad. The back is actually the rear of a late seventies Chevy with some adding and trimming where needed. It has a 10 to 12in section cut and relocated basckward to provide some room in the interior down by the floor which I use for speaker placement and odds and ends. The whole thing was finally welded into place. The factory roll bar was extended to the frame and added on to get the height up. Still don't know what I will do for a tailgate. That would look alot better than the airgate. Just driving home last night, I couldn't believe the confused looks we were getting. Now, driving this thing again with the new lift kit, I wouldn't buy anything but BDS. I can direct you to the guy who did alot of this install. Now, off to melt some snow! Later, Nate

kevinr1970 01-09-2005 12:53 AM

So lets see if I got this straight.
You took the back of a cab from a PU, and then welded it in to cover the opening? So this is a permanent deal then?
I thought about doing something similar with cutting the rear of a cab, then making a plate to match up to the blazer cab. Weld the two together to make a removable cover. It would be a bolt on piece. Lots of work to do though.

As for your tailgate issue, my GF used to have an '81 2wd swb and I have a '81 GMC Jimmy. I measured her truck tailgate against my Blazer tailgate and came away convinced that you can bolt a truck tailgate in place of your Blazer tailgate. On my Jimmy the holes/weld nuts to mount the brackets for cable supports and latching mechanism were there. I don't remember exactly, but I remember thinking the tailgate hinges would bolt up as well? So much so I bought a nice tailgate when one came up to have for when I make this conversion.
You should check your Blazer against a truck, I bet its the same.

PS - Whats BDS?

Jonboy 01-09-2005 02:19 AM

A pickup tailgate will bolt right up on a Blazer. Grab the hinges and strap/striler as well, and bolt them right up. I have one on my Blazer right now. Since I got rid of the roof, I didn't need a window and all of teh other stuff. The holes are even where you need them.

thegame55974 01-09-2005 12:07 PM

When I first saw my old Blazer after about five years, I was thinking, this thing used to have a sun roof. I didn't provide enough info in my last post. It actually has part of the roof section of the 77 pickup welded and smoothed out as well. Kind of wished they had left the sun roof there. They did an excellant job. Thanks for the info on the tailgate. Gonna have to give it a try. First nice tailgate that comes in to the salvage yard here is mine. BDS=Big Dicks Suspension. The Blazer has a 6 in. lift. Won't ever use a body lift. I also use Trailmaster shocks. Very happy with the whole setup.

Fry 01-09-2005 12:42 PM

heres my 75
was lifted 4" on 33s and 3/4 ton diffs but bought a daily driver 4x4 so converting it to 2wd laid out on bags. Not certain how far I'm going with it, its on hold right now till I get my 28 tudor sedan done.

goldwing2000 01-26-2005 09:54 PM

I'll post pics once it stops freaking snowing and I can wash all the salt off the damn thing but in the mean time, this is how I bought it:

1989 Blazer, black
350 carburetor motor (who knows how old it is)
Warn Hubs
6" susp lift (blocks rear, springs front)
10-bolt up front
12-bolt in back
SUCK-ASS 2.73 gears (wish I had known that before I bought it)
35x12.50-15 BFG MTs on 15x10 black steelies (just bought today)
no radio
heater direction door is malfunctioning
already rebuilt three or four wiring harnesses
needed a COMPLETE tune-up
rear of bed by tailgate rusted out from having the back window stuck open 6" for who knows how long
blown-out upper ball joints and pitman arm
Headers leaking


But fixing them is half the fun, right? Just wish I could have been the one to break it. :rolleyes:

Have to say, it does look good, though. The tailgate area is the only bad rust and that's a frickin' miracle around here.

Oh, almost forgot... it's got a massive hillbilly front tube bumper with integrated... well... ramp bars, I guess. I'd call it a skid plate but it's so much more than that. Heh. You'll see. :lol:

Esteban86K5 01-28-2005 01:45 AM

86 Blazer with a few mods. :hm:

NorthWolf33 01-28-2005 11:50 PM

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90 Blazer...rebuilt 350...4 in lift with 33' in progress

83K5350 02-13-2005 01:45 PM

My '83 w/ a few mods

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