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Z16 09-05-2001 02:07 AM

APC lites...any new truck guys
I just put a set of blue tinted Euro tails in my 98 and do they look good. Signals and markers too. I thought from my experience with them, the quality was excellent. Only minor filing on the grille to get the markers to fit. Now the shop I got them from has been having a lot of warranty on these lites. Had the chrome on some signals turn black, and a few problems with the tails leaking. Just wondering if anyone else has come accross these problems and what their fixes have been. I think I'm gonna silicone around the glued edge so they don't leak. Unless somebody has any other suggestions.

98 GMC Sierra, cowl hood, Euro lenses, billet grille, cat-back exhaust. Airbags, 18's, and engine mods in the spring. Looking for the right 71-72 GMC short/fleet

NSANE68!!! 09-12-2001 10:47 AM

Had APC euros on vehicles for over a year now no probs, have heard the same comments about the cheaper lights but not APC they are a better quality, they may cost 40$ more but tou get what you pay for.

68 Chevy, with 93stepside,euro tail lights, fast bags, shaved everything, Eagle alloy 17's tuckin rim, 350 with under hood blower TH350 w/ shift kit,12 bolt Auburn posi with 4:11's. 95 chevy Tahoe A.K.A. (PHATHOE) is dropped 4in all around, stripped emblems and mouldings, 18in Niche bellas, flowmaster. 97 CBR 900RR everything aluminum is polished or powder coated candy purple. 6color change chameleon paint at $300 a pint(ouch), jetted and custom fabbed under seat exhaust like on the Ducati

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