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Re: Help I'm stuck... literally

Originally Posted by Spalma916 View Post
Hey guys you've helped me out a lot in the past and I'm hoping you can help me out again.
I have a 69 c-10 longed 296 with Muncie 4 speed. I've been slowly restoring it on the side of my house and starting it up every weekend. I just loaded it up for the first time to move (got a new house) started right up like a champ but when I put it in first and tried to go it felt like,my tires were glued to the ground, it kinda pulled forward like it wanted to go but won't, also tried in reverse and the same thing. I'm parked on dirt and trying to push it in neutral doesnt work either. Only thing I can think of is the brakes siezed....... idk, but if anyone can give me some tips that'd be great, I can't leave my girl to long alone.......

I just had that happen with my Green '67. Mine was just one wheel that was stuck. I finally got it broke loose by rocking it back and forth.

With one of the front wheels blocked and shift lever in neutral, jack up one rear corner at a time and see if the wheel will turn, if it doesn't take that wheel off and rap around the brake drum with a hammer and see if you can get it to turn. You may have to use a bar on the wheel studs for leverage. If you have a positraction rear you will have to jack up both rear wheels.


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