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Re: Help I'm stuck... literally

Sounds like brakes have locked onto brake drums, jack up each wheel and try turning,,,find the stuck units, remove tire,,,give the brake drum a whack with a hammer...and try turning again...

I have also seen several times a manual trans truck get stuck by being in two gears at same your case...remove the drive shaft and try moving the truck again...if it now moves, the trans could be stuck in two gears...remove the side cover and reset the shift forks and sliders...

If all else fails and you are really a tow company and order an "all up, dolly lift"...they will pick up the rear end and put dolly wheels under the rear end...then pickup the front and two to your new home...

Hint...never adjust new brakes up until you know you are ready to road test...the new linings and brake drums just love to get stuck together...

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