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Re: 1986 suburban needs tunes

Are you more concerned with the tunes when in "party" mode, or in driving mode?

I ask that question because to have an "amazing" sounding stereo when you're driving, you'll need the best speakers up front and not much coming from the rear to get the correct sound stage. It doesn't matter too much where you put the sub, so anywhere you have the room is good which is usually in the rear.

I would think you'll have the rear open when in party mode though, especially with the drop down monitor. I'd build "two systems"...what I mean by this is build the regular driving system with a good set of 6.5s/components in the front, a set of 6.5's in the front part of the rear and sub. Then also buy another amp and maybe a set of 6x9's that mount facing outside when the rear is open and instead of having the remote wire hooked up to the stereo, hook it up to a switch so when you're in "party" mode, the 6x9's play to outside as well as all the other speakers inside.
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