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Re: Chevrolet WWII Effort

Last Part Produced: August 8th, 1945 at 12 noon the last part produced in the Indianapolis Chevrolet plant for the Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engine, with the discontinuance of the manufacture of these parts the machinery that was required was shipped to Buffalo NY, the balance of the other machinery which amounted to over 600 machines was prepared for storage and returned to the custody of *R.F.C. this done in the latter part of September of 1945. (note* I do not know what R.F.C. stands for)

Skilled Millwrights rigging up and moving machines out of the Stamping Plant after WWII.

(I went through the Millwright Apprenticeship Program at this plant 1977-1981) 576 hours of class theory. about 8,000 hours of on the job training)

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