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Exclamation Copycat to the SWB Club {72 Tahoe/Escalade Project}

First let me thank Frizzle Fry and Drewskiren for putting the thoughts in my head to start another crazy adventure, as if turning my high school truck into a Cummins powered beast wasn’t enough. If you’re familiar with the threads “69 Tahoe project and Young Frankenstein,” you already see where this is going, but with even more of a twist. Taking pieces from many and building what I’ll consider the ultimate daily driver with old school curb appeal. A heads up I can get long winded and on the flip side short with words. I’ll try to keep everyone’s eyes filled with pictures to go with the action. Starting with a burb that may should have been taken off the road forever I purchased locally from fellow board member Uncle. Hope to get cutting next weekend. Here is the start of somethin way different. And on a side note, who can tell everyone what the tow vehicle is and why it’s special?
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