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Re: Copycat to the SWB Club {72 Tahoe/Escalade Project}

I also tend to have so much in my head I forget and remember minutes later, case in point. Would also like to thank the people that I have already purchased items from and anyone who I may in the future. Pretty bad when Iíve owned the truck less than a week, havenít cleaned it out good yet; and Iíve already started ordering random items. Then again I can use a lot of items as spares or even on my 70 if I ever need them. With that said if anyone notices something I say I need or you think I may, feel free to offer it up with a price, unless the moderators frown upon it. Currently looking for an upper hatch as mine is pretty rotted but complete. Also if anyone needs parts from the frame/suspension none of it will be used. First order of business should be rust repair, but knowing me Iíll jump to cutting it up to make more garage space to work on it.
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