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Re: Copycat to the SWB Club {72 Tahoe/Escalade Project}

Originally Posted by CJM72 View Post
Saab 9-7x Aero. Basically the Saab version of the Trailblazer SS with LS2. Still haven't seen one in real life!

What's the new plan? Suburbalanche?
Winner winner, although mine was a 5.3 being an 06, it now sports an iron block 6.0 and rwd conversion with a batwing oil pan, also the correct 4l70e. I kept my 3.73 gears and prefer it over my brothers old SS with the 4.10s.
The burb is going truck, need to start a new thread. When I bought it I knew I may run into bigger rust issues. Well one way to fix that is to cut it out.
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