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Re: Post your C/L finds here for all to see

Originally Posted by abig84 View Post
i thought this one was kinda cool looking but way over priced in my opinion for something thats been sitting and is probably going to need a lot of work to get back on the road. had it been already up and running and didnt need much of anything i would have probably went and took a look

I agree - cool truck. Easy to imagine that paint scheme being applied about a week after it was purchased new. Almost "looks" factory like one of the wild sport striping trucks (that I love). $3500 isn't "too" much, but I agree with you - it could be, this thing kinda looks like it's been "outstanding in its field" for a long, long time (always funny to see one that's been mowed around for a long time). I think I'd enjoy just getting the mechanicals workin and sprucing/refreshing the interior and driving this old thing. Great find.
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