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Re: Post your C/L finds here for all to see

Originally Posted by old Rusty C10 View Post
what i pile of crap for 14k bucks . skimmed threw a lot of pics and this thing is way off the 14k price point for what it is if you ask me . so much stuff i found i dont wana list it all .

i mean its clean by the looks of it . but way to much that all adds up to time/money to make it right .

i think it was someones parts left over and tossed together deal . 3/4 ton fender badges and 8 pack rear leaf springs but 5 lug ralley wheels . bent muffler / lots of rubber hoses and clamps on fuel lines . fresh body mount hardware but rest of truck is yucky ish . . .
77-k30lb BIG truck build .
87-k30lb budget beater build .
85-k30lb the plow machine build .
85-c10sb summer fun toy .
HOLLEY SNIPER efi = worst case of p.i.t.a i ever had .

EDELBROCK pro flo 4 = best deal going so far . love my setup works great.
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