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Re: what year cab did i buy

Originally Posted by truckeez View Post
Well lets see, thats mostly true. i think there were exceptions for necessities on the home front-from most all makers- I know of certain municipal trucks made avalable--like fire engines, wether they were made of old stock sitting on the shelf--like regular fenders... instead of cut away fenders like the army trucks pretty much all had from 43 up, I dont now that. I got both 41 and a 42 cabs from a COE deuce.5 both closed style regular civilan cabs, ( most all the longnose type gmc cckw's and chevy g506 from 41 and 42 were regular closed cab) My 42's grill had a left over chrome grill bar at the bottom that was just sanded down and sprayed olive drab, most of that happened in 42 , anything on an assembly line was just sprayed green, and almost all car production stopped--all the chrome went to hardening the surfaces of new stamping dies and other war effort stuff. 43 up the trucks were almost all open soft top versions.

They didn't just have to switch gears though, gmc had already been cranking out plenty of army trucks. My 41 afkx-353 like the one in the top link was delivered to the army in march 41 -7 mos before pearl harbour, it was built as a army truck from the design specified,, the frame was different than a civilan version.
Found this in a trash can at work... pertaining to WWII body production and the war materials.

I agree I would think there would be some "special needs" to have some truck available on the "homefront" as well.

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