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Re: Volt Gauge Conversion Kits

Originally Posted by TBONE1964 View Post
Hi Greg,

Very sorry for the delay. If you have a volt meter on the battery while running, you should get say 14.5 or so volts. That would be with a good alternator output at idle. I use a 12 v battery charger set on 10 amps which gives me about 12.5 volts and that is where I set the needle. It is possible the needle slipped or I was in a brain fart mode that day and placed it wrong.

What I see in your photo should be about 15.5 which seems a little high. Did you check it at the battery? Make sure your regulator is not sticking and causing an over charge condition.

If you believe that the volt gauge conversion is in accurate, you can send it back to me for an adjustment or I can send you just the gauge that is set up correctly and you can just swap it.

Let me know what you would like to do. I will accommodate you and make this right. By the way, no charge to you.

Thank you,
I didn't think it was inaccurate I just wanted to make sure it was working as it should. Since I sent this I have verified the your gauge is working as it should..
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