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Re: 86 chevy crew cab 12 valve swap

I started messing with my trans wiring harness the other day. I am mounting the tcm on the firewall and ran the 20 wires that will go from the tcm to the trans, I cant do both ends of that section of harness because I need the cab on to get closer on the length of those wires. I cant put my cab on because its still sitting on my trailer over at my friends house waiting to be blasted so I can undercoat it. He cant blast it because we have had a bunch of wet weather the past few weeks and the high humidity messes up the sand blaster. The terminals I ordered about a month ago finally came in the other day so I spent half the evening learning how to use my hewdy dewdy 320 dollar wire crimpers and the other half trying to figure out how the 80 pin tcm connector goes together, all in all a productive and somewhat frustrating evening. Now I'm stuck back at waiting for my cab....
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