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Re: "The Bucket" project diary

All the brake setup we're using came off the same CUCV donor truck that we also got the axles out from under. The hydroboost mounting plate had to be modified to match up the Bucket firewall & to use the existing studs from the brake pedal assembly for mounting. After this, was able to check the rod length to the existing pedal. As you can see it was a little too short & hole in pedal was little too high. The oe brake rod had an end on it that the i.d happened to slip right over the hydroboost rods o.d...cut off & welded that one on to get the extra length & drilled a new hole. I'd also saved the CUCV brake pedal itself, cause like the wide ones better than these little ones since going automatic trans now anyway. So welded it on & cutoff the clutch pedal above the dash.
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