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Question Re: External to Internal Voltage Regulated Altenator Conversion

I just bought another project, 1966 shortbed factory 4x4. Hasent been registered since 1999. Runs and drives, has a newer V8 small block (havent run numbers yet, I imagine it is a 350)
Anyway someone hacked up on the wiring when they installed the alternator.
I have everything pretty much sorted out, with one question.

The BROWN wire that comes from the cab harness is 12V when key is on.
The WHITE wire that comes off the pigtail in the #1 tab on the alternator puts out 14V when running.

Are these 2 supposed to be spliced to each other ??????

Reading a few write ups it sounds like I am supposed to connect these 2, but it seems wrong to connect one wire with 12V to another with 14V
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