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Re: Little fenderless Bad Boy

The "pirate sword " style beltline design identifies it as a 34-8 (but mid thirties internationals look virtually identical to the 34-early 36 gm "high cab" cabs) all the body panels screwed into a wood frame structure-and the roof was more square looking with a little visor above the windshield.
Late 36 started the rounded "turrent top" smooth look which has maybe 1.5 inches lower roof line. All the panels were spotwelded to a really flimsy steel frame structure ---except the 36 still had wood posts where the door hinges mount--if you get one of those first thing you should do is put some square tubing in where those wood posts are. There are a few other differences between a late 36 and the 37-8 but they pretty much look the same.

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