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Re: Wore-out Old Spark Plugs

Originally Posted by homemade87 View Post
The P.O. may have been burning the cheap gas .
I consistently put either Shell or Citgo gas in it, and very rarely a tankful of Exxon. I buy my gas on gas-station credit cards, so I'm reliable about that.

Dunno what the guy before me was using.

There is the possibility that these deposits are from burning oil. Oil consumption is low, as I mentioned, but it is using some and at over 100K miles now there could definitely be some getting past the rings. There's no smoke in the exhaust at all, but this truck is new enough to have a catalyst so a little bit of smoke out of the motor would get cleaned up by the time it got to the tailpipe.

The engine runs so well at present I see no need to do a ring job. I'll just put a quart of oil in it a month and drive it.
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