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Re: "The Bucket" project diary

Got the frontend finished, so this weekend it was time to roll the D60 & 14 bolt under the truck. Needed to do this before completely painting & prettying up all the axles.
Set the springs on blocks of wood for the time to get some measurements for front & back spring hangers and rearend shock mounts. So now it is sitting on its own weight! This way could also see if the lift amount was about right or needed to add more when making the hangers. It looks perfect like it is! The added height of the bigger axles with 2" lift springs in front & 56" springs in back worked out. I like it just high enough to clear the tires good, but then we're also not scared to do a little body trimming either. I'd rather do this than add more height. So little surgery will be done to the front of the front fender well, as well as, a little on the front of the rear fender well.
Also got the 2wd steering box mounted so could measure for the crossover steering arms.
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