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Re: questions for converting to TPI

Sorry should have mentioned my engine combo. My 350 has a mild cam and flat top pistons.020 over. My heads are mid 70's big valve smogers (not the best I know). the engine is about 9.5 to 10 -1 compression. Im Using a Moroso windage tray, Im running the stock 11inch flywheel.
it has long headers and 2.5 inch exhaust. Rear end is soon to be a 4.56 ratio. right now its a 3.90. rear tires are 295 50 15's
Im going to be changing the cam to work with better with my combination. I have no idea what the specs are on it cause I lost the damn cam card, but I know its very mild, about 17hg's at 600 rpm
With my combo will I need more than 22lb injectors?

Originally Posted by jbristo67 View Post
You are def going to need 22lb injectors unless it is hopped up then you will need bigger than that. You prob want to give painless wiring a call about a harness too
My build thread

Best 1/4 mile time 12.1 @ 111 w/traction issues

1969 GMC SWB
1964 chevy II Nova ht

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