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Re: Science and stuff...

You know djmlambert, that is exactly what I had in mind. I bought one of those Por-15 $20 kits about 10 years ago to coat my battery tray. Well I never got around to it and it sat there unopened. I restored the heater box in my 72 c10 and all of the metal parts inside the box had heavy rust set in so I figured it was the perfect chance to try out the por-15 kit. Even after all those years sitting in the garage unopened the product was unaffected. And that little kit goes a LONG way. I was able to cover everything in the heater box, the battery tray in my dads 64 c10, a portion of the inner fender under the battery tray, my bench vise,a bunch of small metal brackets, and I still had some left over! You are correct about getting that stuff on yourself or anything else you dont want it on. It's on there so accept it. Lol.

I pulled the sending unit lastnight and sure enough the float was full of gas. I filled a bowl with 155 water and submerged the new float in the water for about five minutes, no bubbles and I couldn't hear any water swishing around in it so I went ahead and installed it. Gas Gauge works as it should now. Time will tell how long that'll be.
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