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Re: Finally starting my Longhorn 4x4 conversion

We placed one of my aluminum fuel cells in the frame and got it in position. Placed jack stands under it and cut some angle iron to mount it to. The fuel cell had aluminum angles already welded to it for mounting purposes and I decided to keep it mounted that way. The fuel filler will be on the RH box side when done. The weirdest deal about this is, there were 4 bolt holes in the frame to mount the angle iron too. Kind of crazy if you ask me.

We also made a rectangle tubing cross member for in front of the fuel tank to give the frame more strength in the shackle portion of the frame since we moved the cross member that did support them back to the rear of the frame.

We also got the fuel inlet, return line, and rear brake lines ran in the frame. We will remove them to paint the frame and reinstall them after that.

Next up was getting the new to this truck's cab prepped for primer and paint. We sanded and sanded, repaired some rust holes, removed the glass and interior, blew off, and wiped down to blow it all off. I must have missed the dash because when I sprayed the paint over the primer, I had some areas that fish eyed. I repaired them the next day.

Now the primer and paint. I have to fill in the gas tank filler, and reprime some scratches from the windshield being installed, but it turned out ok. I went ahead and primered these fenders even though I may not be using them. They may have to work for now.

You can see my youngest brother in the last pic posing. He's home from Ca and will be leaving soon to go to training in the desert then off to Afganiland in September. I wish him luck, and will miss him again until next time. We did get his 92 F-350 running so he could drive it while he was home again. Man, I forgot how nice that truck was.
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