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Re: "The Bucket" project diary

After painting all the brake parts, got it all mounted up. These 36" tires look huge with it all on the stand. Still got to find some correct lug nuts for these old school slots.
With 16.5" rims, the inside is close to the calipers...glad we didn't go with 16".

Must admit that I'm a Craiglist addict. However occasionally it pays off.
Found these Skyjacker lift springs for $200 just a hour from the house. Dude said they were 4", but a little investigation after I got them home, revealed the fronts are 2.5" & rears 2". But that's okay too, we're gonna make new hangers & all anyway. Anything is better that the worn out O.E. ones I have now. Still may use the rear 56" springs from the parts truck just haven't really decided yet.
Also bought another '72 grill surround from the same guy for $10 that's in perfect shape just needs a little cleaning! Doesn't hurt to have a spare
He also has basically all the body pieces & frame of a 72 4x4 truck project that he has given up on for cheap. We've long run out of spare room in our shop for more parts so I didn't get any of them at the time , but I can't help but keep thinking about 'em. Not often you find good parts around here for these trucks.
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