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Re: Power Brake Booster Adapter Bracket

It will with another plate that I will be offering that will be a direct bolt on to this bracket. This way you can use most any GM hydroboost unit just by changing the mounting bracket on the hydroboost itself. The cost on that bracket will be $20.00, and if purchased with this adapter bracket the shipping will be free. The hydroboost units have a 1 5/8" threaded center that attaches them to whatever bracket was needed for the vehicle application. This takes a special socket, which I will provide to customers for a refundable $20 deposit. You will just have to pay the return shipping which can typically be done for ~$5.

An option would be to use a hydroboost from a '88-'98 truck which has the correct mounting pattern, but the hydroboost unit is offset towards the bottom. This would require you to elongate the hole in your firewall and drill a new hole in your brake pedal to attach the pushrod.
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