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Re: Reality Check

I'm kinda in the same boat, but not really. I did what any self-respecting vintage truck nut would do....I bought two of 'em! My '67 Chevy LWB is my beater with a heater. I've spent a couple hunny on little stuff like some slightly less abused sheet metal, a serp. system off a 4.3 S10 and such. I drive the beast everyday and will probably roll it till the wheels fall off. Then I stumbled upon a sweet deal for a '67 GMC SWB that is in the garage getting all kinds of work done....nothing too elaborate. Functional and frugal are the operative words. If you have basic tools, space, and intestinal fortitude you can do alot of stuff in order to at least keep the truck road-worthy until the funds come around to do what you want to do. Lest you forget the reason we wrench on this crusty old tin is to DRIVE THEM!!
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