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Re: Reality Check

Friend, if you wont a old vehicle just keep it in the back of you'r mind and it will happen. Don't think too much about it. I've wonted things before that I obsesed on to the point that when I finally got the thing I didn't wont it any more but it will happen, good luck I know exactly how you feel.
Maybe if you started a small savings account, 10 - 20 bucks a week, and then theirs tax time.
I gave up Saturdays for what seemed like six months once trying to get a raggedy old Nova SS working for a used car salesman, roofing, paveng, hauling junk whatever. Missed my girlfriends best friends wedding, she was hot, ran out of gas late that last saturday afternoon coming from the car lot to get gas as I walked past the offramp two fat girls dressed in there finest pulled up and as our eyes met one said where you headed dirty man, I looked the two of 'em in the eyes and said home to take a shower ,which buffet you two headed for?
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