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Re: Reality Check

A point that I am sure you are aware of is to buy the best body possible. By that, we mean one that is as rust-free and straight as you can find, unless you're a bodyman by night and a 9-5 man in the day. The mechanicals are easier to deal with at home. As an example, I bought my truck 9 years ago, drove it everyday for two years, with big plans. Then, the forced retirement hit when I was 53. Found another job, but not what I liked. Like my job now, but not as much money. Reality, right? So, Dad dies and I get a little money after my five siblings get their share and I have some money to use on my truck, in memory of my Dad. Work commences on the body and my bodyguy is stricken with Lymphoma. Plan B (which didn't exist) kicks in. Bring drivable chassis/cab home and pull drivetrain and gut interior on driveway. No longer driveable eyesore sits on driveway until second body guy can work it into his mercy and replace the rusty firewall/cowl section, while first bodyguy is getting chemo/radiation. More reality. I'm now 61. Reality bites....the big one.

Get what you can, while you can, when you can. You are not getting any younger. Neither are these trucks. You may have to bite the bullet when you find one at a time that may seem inopportune. Such is the reality of these beasts and obsessions.
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