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Re: Restoring Rusty - First Set Back

Due to the family oriented nature of this site, lets just say we have experienced our first MINOR SETBACK!

So after I sprayed the Undercoat on the belly of the inner fender I noticed it was still super wet to the touch 4 hours later, than 8 hours later. I read the instructions and they said to not use when below 50* degrees, well it was over 60* when I shot it. I also shook the heck out of the can before spraying and in between squirts and the two coats.

Put the fender inside the house over night (the wife didn't take too well to that, love that woman and evicted it the first thing in the morning back to the garage - I was already at work)

Anywho in the morning there was a puddle of about quarter cup of liquid in the valley of the upside down inner fender.

What did I do wrong?
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