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Re: Swap Gears or Whole Axle

I'd re-do what I had in the truck/blazer now. I take more of the 'bird in the hand' approach.

Pros and cons to both choices.

Setting the gears up in a housing is easier outside the truck than inside. So re-doing the other set would be easier.

If you are currently driving the blazer re-building the other set and doing a weekend swap would be less timely. If your Blazer is apart and not moving, I would do my own sets.

I have did it both ways and each time I guess my thought process was, 'which route gets me back riding first?'.

As far doing the work your self it is not all that hard of a job. Brain surgery is about the only thing left off of the 'how to section' on youtube.

There are tons of sets of rear ends out there with millions of miles that were set with a handful of shims and a can of spray paint. Tools optional.

Best of luck. I am not sure there is a right decision across the board, the right one will be what best fits your forward plan.

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