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So lets see if I got this straight.
You took the back of a cab from a PU, and then welded it in to cover the opening? So this is a permanent deal then?
I thought about doing something similar with cutting the rear of a cab, then making a plate to match up to the blazer cab. Weld the two together to make a removable cover. It would be a bolt on piece. Lots of work to do though.

As for your tailgate issue, my GF used to have an '81 2wd swb and I have a '81 GMC Jimmy. I measured her truck tailgate against my Blazer tailgate and came away convinced that you can bolt a truck tailgate in place of your Blazer tailgate. On my Jimmy the holes/weld nuts to mount the brackets for cable supports and latching mechanism were there. I don't remember exactly, but I remember thinking the tailgate hinges would bolt up as well? So much so I bought a nice tailgate when one came up to have for when I make this conversion.
You should check your Blazer against a truck, I bet its the same.

PS - Whats BDS?
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