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Re: Speaker/Sub Box

Ported enclosures are great for hitting low, low lows (depends on how the box is tuned). Ported boxes are finicky, unless you understand how to tune a port, build a ported box, port length and all that other stuff, I'd go sealed - it's all around easier.

I don't understand why you'd want to split the components the way you're talking about doing it. You're talking about a lot of weirdness on the wiring and stuff - if you put the components in the box, you'll need to install the crossover that comes with them somewhere...and you're gonna be running a lot of wire to join that crossover with the tweeters in the dash...

If you wanted a prime setup and you insisted on using something like you're talking about, I would go with the 10" sub in the rear, sealed box, if you must have something for mid-bass, drop some 6.5" woofers in the rear along with the 10" sub (in separate sealed enclosures or something). Get some kick panels for your components to mount them next to your feet and drop some tweeters in the dash if you really want some highs or go with a single center channel in the stock speaker location. It all depends on your budget.

If given the choice between using a coaxial or triaxial speaker or a set of components, I would pick the components hands down every time. I am very concious of having too many speakers too

Always remember - you can tweak down or up the bass using the gain control on your don't let "too much bass" influence your choice. With some tuning, you'll get what you want - nothing sounds perfect right off the bat.
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