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Re: 54 3600 mountaineer awd chassis swap " mountain cat"

Originally Posted by Cjcolbyjack View Post
i hope im not going to learn later theres a reason people dont use a mountaineer chassis? something tells me i should wear a cup this build because everyday im going to get kicked in the nuts with this mountaineer...
Its probably because there will be a lot of "custom one off stuff"...of the top of my head, cab/body mounts, motor mounts if going w/LS, trans mount, radiator mount, etc...

When you start getting into that many mounts, i'm sure the long timer's will chime in that body alignment becomes "interesting".

Plus given your current set up you're probably going to need to find a 2wd front suspension and hope it bolts in, or to Mongocanfly's comment, how are you going to mate the drivetrain to the LS?

Not saying it can't be done. Anything can be done with the will, time and money....(see moon landing ). So this build will need a lot of trial and error, (see will and time) and if you have to keep going to the well, might need more parts (see money). To answer the question of why it hasn't been done is probably no one wanted to invest the time, will/energy or money to get it done.

It does sound interesting though and hope you can get it done.
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