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Re: 54 3600 mountaineer awd chassis swap " mountain cat"

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Size:  35.9 KB iMy brothers a machinist. He's talked me into believing we can make an adapter to use with or with out the factory transfer case to tie everything together? I knows there's electronics involved but I'm pretty sure I can get around that? Notice how I put question marks behind most of my sentences. I don't know for sure, we just think we can. Please tell me your doubts or concerns! I love criticism! Especially when it saves me time and money! That's the main reason I'm putting a build on the Internet. No offense I like new friends, but not being kicked in the balls is my ultimate goal at my age. I just got back from drinking at a friends shop. I hope anything I'm saying doesn't come out wrong. I'd like to say thanks and I'm sorry if I sound like an idiot. Good night!
51 motor build

54 3600 Lincoln aviator chassis swap
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