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Re: 54 3600 mountaineer awd chassis swap " mountain cat"

Iowaboy pretty much is spot on..(moon landing) i like that..anything is possible..if you do much reading on here theres alot of projects that get off to a great start and then seem to disappear over time (unfinished)as time/money/interest/ becoming overwhelmed all become issues..they just seem to fall by the wayside..don't do anything until you have a plan and expect to change that plan several times..there will be a lot of trial and error with everything you do..I hate electrical but that may be the easiest part of this...the LS harness is pretty much stand alone...alignment of body parts and mismatched mechanicals could get interesting to say the least..what does the mountaneer bare frame look like? ( I could see this leading to a lot of drinking at your shop to) haha.. depending on your level of fab skills carries a lot of weight on a untested combination of parts.. (somebody had to be the first to do the s10 frame swap) ( somebody had to be first to do every mod we do to our trucks)...but there's a lot to be said for using the info found here on a swap that's been done many times and you would have a wealth of info to fall back on..

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