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Re: 85 Scottsdale selling for parts

Originally Posted by trukman1 View Post
Truly sorry this happened to you. I just hope nobody was hurt. Even though the truck meant a lot to you it's still a truck that, believe it or not, can be replaced. People cannot.

Can't tell you what to do with it. I would sell the whole truck for parts just so I wouldn't have to look at it and be constantly reminded of what happened.

Who knows, if that hadn't happened someone might have gotten killed in it later.

Things happen for a reason that we usually don't understand. We just have to place our faith in G-d that there is a reason we don't know about at play in our lives.

I wish you the best of luck in whatever decision you decide to make.
agree with this sentimate too. hope things work for the best that it can be. Please let us know what you decide... I know people on here would be interested in things/whole ....

take care
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