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Re: 85 Scottsdale selling for parts

Thank you for your kind words and sentiment.

Our nephew was certainly lucky, and had his seat belt on, which is a rare choice he makes.
Not his first time of interaction with a ditch, before both him and his own truck were unscathed.

We had hoped he would drive more carefully after his younger cousin was fatally injured driving his pick-up home after working offshore. Highway patrol thought he fell asleep at the wheel as no other vehicle involved.

My husband has battled cancer for over a year, and finally had major surgery in March. He is now only allowed to lift 20lbs and still gets tired easily. He was a mechanic, but does not have the tools or resources now to part it out himself.

The best option for us, and the family, is to just try to sell it as a whole, and take whatever someone believes it is worth to them.
We are only in MS for another 3 weeks to deal with the truck as we have medical commitments in Florida.
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