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Re: Fuel tank location options for long bed pickup

Originally Posted by dmjlambert View Post
That is interesting and informative, thanks. I wonder if that is a longhorn-only size, or if those would fit on a long bed pickup. I also wonder how the bolts go through the tank. I suppose maybe there is a tube that goes through the tank and is welded, do you think that's right? Do the mount bolts go through he floor of the bed?
The tanks I have would be too long for a regular "long-bed" as they run almost all the way to the cab.

The mounts are tubes, welded on each end, which the bolt passes through.

2 each per tank, bolts came down through the bed, large flat washers under the head of the bolts, about 1.5" in dia.

The bolts had similar large washers under the nuts, there were strips of rubber between the tank and bed.

They were held up very well and I am sure I could use them again if required.
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