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Re: Fuel tank location options for long bed pickup

Originally Posted by Chris_oz View Post

My 1970 C20 "longhorn" had 2 x dealer fitted auxiliary fuel tanks (they are on the invoice and order)

The are in front of the rear wheels, outboard of the chassis, the filler necks are in the wheel well.

They were hooked into the fuel system with a floor mounted manual 3 way tap/selector.

Mounts were long 1/2' dia bolts that ran down through the tank.

Fitted in 1970, still there not leaking in 2018.

They were just over 15.5 US gallons each.
Speaking from experience I guarantee those tanks are very rusty inside. Stay away from them. You'll get a lot of crap in your gas using them. I would use them. I had them and the best option is to either stay with your existing in cab tank or get a new rear under bed tank.
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