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Re: Show us what you got!!

haha. well it started with just the 73 2wd Blazer. My dad got it around 25 yrs ago but it had been sitting in the yard untouched for about the last 15yrs. I have been wanting to fix it up since before I got my license.

But anyways once I started actually lookin at it, I decided since it was rusted so bad it would be easier to just buy a newer one and swap the body over to the 2wd frame being that is what I wanted. Basically everything on the frame has been replaced for the most part (new fuel and brake lines, fuel cell, every single bushing is polyurethane, 4:10gears, lowered 4/6 etc..).

The newer blazer I got is an 87. I had to do a couple small modifications to make it fit on the frame (mainly having to do where the floor drops down for the feet of rear passengers). New patch panels were put in where the floor/rocker had some rust. I wanted the full top and I already had all the parts so that got changed over. The 6 pt. roll bar was for 2 reasons, because I plan to go fast and also to help support the body being the top was cut. Front end will be the 89-91 4 headlight grille, but got 88-98 chevy truck 1 piece headlights that I'm going to hack up and retro fit some HID projectors in.

As far as the motor, I'm not positive on what yet, I'm thinking maybe a big block and a procharger and built 400 for the tranny. I have a feeling I will end up having to change the 12 bolt posi but we will see how all of that goes.

haha sorry about the long post. I have been browsing through these forums for a few years, just never posted. I have been workin on this blazer for little over a year now.
73 2wd Blazer lowered, cammed ls1
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