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My Cheapo Blazer
Blazer no motor, no tranny, no tcase -$100
Sold parts that didnt go with it +$200
Bought a 79 Truck for the motor -$300
Sold parts that I didnt want +$100
Bought a 88 Firebird for the FI -$50
Sold parts that i didnt want +$200
Bought tranny and tcase off of friend -$200

total so far -$150
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1969 Chevy Project SWB Fleet, 20s, 5.3, t56, in the weeds.
1970 Chevy Truck cab on a 1979 Jimmy frame-8.1 liter 496 bbc/sm465/np203-jeds doubler-np205/d60/14bff Welded/42 tsls on recentered H1s
1998 Chevy Crew Cab K3500 SAS'd with hpd60, links and swayaway coilovers. 8.1l vortec DD/towrig

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