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Hi to all: If you ever want to mantain the finish on your billet or cast aluminum try a product called "Autosol" I highly recommend it as Ive been using it for years on my 69 Chevy and my KZ 1000 Showbike. Ive found the paste kind (the one that comes in a toothpaste type tube) to work the best. just apply a very small amount to a clean soft cotton cloth and rub until it turns black and turn your rag over and wipe it off (repeat as necessary) Will not work on aluminum that has been clearcoated (for obvious reasons) but will work on other metals as well Stainless Steel, Brass, Chrome ect. It is fairly inexspensive (approx. $ 7.00 CND. a tube) and lasts a long time, it comes in a gold, black, & white box (toothpaste tube type box) Best of luck with all your CHEVY & GMC projects, Doug
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