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Re: Reality Check

Reality is not all it's cracked up to be. I figured I would throw in my two bits. I didn't nor do I have the money to just take on a restoration all at one time, but I have a sweet 69'. I picked her up for $2,500. She was old and dirty and been sitting for eight years but all the parts were there, not all working but there. Over the past three years I have fixed lots of little things like weather striping, found a new grill, repaired wiring, cleaned up the dash painted the glove box, rebuilt the front end, new tires, brakes, and many more little things that are now making my truck fun to drive. Right now I'm looking for an engine to put on a stand and rebuild as I have the extra cash. Someday I would like to take her all apart and do a frame up, but in the mean time I am getting a lot done and I have a great truck.
69 sweet long fleet, David
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