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1971 4wd Jimmy

This is truck I bought from a buddy about a month ago. He has had it for a while and needed to let it go since he doesnt have the time for it. Im a nurse so mechanic work isnt my specialty, but Im intelligent and confident enough to learn to do anything. All ive really done so far is put a new alternator and new power steering pump on it. As you can see from the pictures it has a lot of rust issues. Other problems I need to address are:

1 Fuel gauge/tachometer do not work
2 Gas tank does not fill up properly, I dont think it lets air out when you are filling up and gas pours on the ground.
3 Transmission slips, it doesnt always like to go into reverse and you cant feel it shift into drive.
4 I have the 4wd shifter but dont have the bolt
5 The steering gear leaks
6 I think the front end needs to be rebuilt, it has a lot of play when youre driving. Guess I will know for sure once I get a new steering gear on there.
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