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Re: 1971 4wd Jimmy

Its been a while since Ive updated because I havent done much due to cold weather. So I made the 14 hour trip to Colorado to pick up a new tub (1st picture) . It is in pretty decent condition, inner rockers & supports have very little rust, no rust on windshild frame, has a roll bar, and original 72 bench seat. For 250$ I couldnt pass it up, the trailer I rented to tow it on cost more than it did. Wont have more detailed pictures of the new tub until I get some time to meet up with my buddy to use his shop to swap the tubs.

I got it running again over the weekend and decided to go ahead and put a new steering gear on. My progress was snagged when I realized the splines on the coupler shaft (2nd picture) are so worn down I just didnt feel comfortable using it. Luckily, my stepdad has a new one sitting on the shelf in his shop so Im just waiting for it to come in the mail. Its from a early 80s model suburban or pickup but from the pictures he sent me it looks like the exact same as mine. Regrettably I had to clean up and leave the Jimmy sitting in my driveway without the new gearbox in. (3rd picture)
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