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Gauge cluster parts

Always looking for the following:

67-72 Factory tachs, oe and nos. Working or not. Nothing to rusty.

67-72 , Factory vac gauges and tach/vac lenses in restorable condition.

81-87 clocks. The ones with winder position at 8:00. Quartz only.

67-69 Speedwarning parts. Complete unrestored non tach Speedwarning clusters

67 only bezels, non brittle. Most of these donít make it through shipping. If you canít give it a slight twist without a crack, it is to dry and will break in shipping. Hard to find. GMC also.

73-80 tach cluster main housings. One broken tab fine. Currently seeking 76 and 77. I see reproductions now out by LMC for 73/75, 76/77 and 78-80. I believe oe housings for 76 and 77 are different at filter holes under speedometer and tach.

I am sure there I will think of more. I do not need any non tach cores unless you have decent 64-66 clusters. Purchase of any of the above depends on cash available to buy which changes daily.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Contact me on all of your gauge cluster needs. I specialize in restoration, repair and parts sales for 67-72 Chevy and GMC trucks. email me at [[/email]

I am also a dealer for Counterpart for gauge cluster parts only.

Also see my facebook page, classic gauge and cluster.
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