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Re: The not-often-seen Blazer Chalet

Rob Z.,

I cleaned a bunch of dust out of the hinge area in the door jambs, don't remember seeing cracks, but I will look again. Yep, adding weight to the back is not a good idea, I'm hoping a one-wheel trailer (not really a rack as such) with the wheel a bit further forward will support the weight to some extent. Those Rokons weigh just over 200 lbs, and I will swap that custom solid steel bumper for the OEM chrome one - it will need some fab work for a good pair of 'trailer' hinges and some beefing up of the Chinook-crafted (?) bumper extensions.

Pic below of what it looked like before I bought it, moving the spare back to its OEM location is part of the rear weight reduction... I'll be sure to get a weight of the steel bumper, it looks really heavy, one mechanic said it looked more beefy than the Chevy frame. Not having driven a normal Blazer, I'd still say this thing feels a bit light in the front. I think I can get away with my plans, but if it handles too weird, I'll have to ditch it. I don't care for the Rancho helper springs on it, the air bag option like what Doug W and others have may be the better idea.
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