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Re: Let`s See Little GM Haulers

Here's a pic of my old one which i sold this fall. It was a fun little toy which i used as my DD. It had 7" of lift, 33" MT's, 305 SBC, and a rebuilt 700R4. I bought a 96 GMC sonoma ext. cab 4x4 to replace it. I like the newer body style better and want to SAS the front. The 89 had a Trailmaster 4" IFS lift and 3" body lift on it. Jason
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2007 Chevy 2500HD crew cab, 4x4, duramax w/Allison trans.
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1967 Chevy SWB 4x4, BBC, Th400, NP205, 6" lift, and 35's (In Process)
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