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Re: Found a blazer chalet for sale at a local auction

Originally Posted by 79 silverado View Post
..there used to be one of those in a quasi-junkyard in Central Mass..they were trying to sell the camper body off it, unsure if they ever did...If you were trying to figure out where and when any met their demise....
Yes I am - my mega spreadsheet so far has a few short of 200 entries, out of the 1,780 built. No doubt a few are overlaps where I can't tell if a photo I have is also the same for a different word-only description from an old ad. There are a few I can document that have been scrapped completely. I can always use any info anybody has, even if it's just tiny scraps.

Do you know the address or cross street reference for the one you saw? If it was within the last several years, I have spotted a few on Google aerial maps and MSN (now called "bing") Bird's Eye views. For example, this MSN photo is of #1753 in Salt Lake City from several years back (upper middle, in the back row facing left). I now know via a Feb 09 eBay sale in Georgia that the truck part was scrapped, but it's entertaining to catch views like this. Weird that the original 2007 Utah ad still hasn't been taken down...
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